Last 2019 Cosmetology Start Date Announced

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Greenville, NC – The final cosmetology start date for 2019 has been announced by Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design.

The Fall 2019 start date is Tuesday 8/27/2019, and the application deadline for that class is 8/14/2019. The next projected start date after August will be in January 2020, and it will be officially announced later this year. So, any students who do not apply for the August class will need to wait until 2020 to start.

The class is expected to fill up early since it is just under half full at the time of this announcement and fall is the most in demand start date for students.

In addition, students are encouraged to apply early so that financial aid (for those who qualify) and financing will have sufficient time to be arranged. Completing the admission application by the application deadline does not guarantee that financial aid will be arranged enough to guarantee the student will be able to begin classes. Sometimes, it takes weeks to complete the financial aid process.

Potential students can learn about the application process here!

Please contact our admissions office at or 252-830-5536 ext 2 with any questions.

2 Comments on “Last 2019 Cosmetology Start Date Announced”

    1. Hello Twanita!

      We don’t offer night classes for a couple of reasons.

      1. The schedule is undesirable to students. While students want night classes in theory, here are the realities of the schedule. If you had a night program each weeknight from 6-9, you would gain 15 hours per week. It would take approximately 25 months or over 2 years of attending class every weeknight to complete the required 1500 hours for cosmetology. Alternatively, you could do 4 weeknights and a full day on Saturday. This 19.5 hours per week would complete the program in approximately 19 months. In either of these schedules, we find most applicants we speak with aren’t able to give up their weeknights or 4 nights a week and Saturday for up to 25 months. Therfor, we don’t have enough potential students to populate a night program.

      2. Qualified Instructors. We have high standards when it comes to our instructors, and we don’t have qualified instructors that would be willing to work the above schedule. So, education would suffer, and we wouldn’t be able to guarantee quality in the way that makes our education great.

      So instead of offering a night program, we offer a full time day program that completes in 11 months. This way, if being in school full-time represents a hardship, students are only enrolled for a short period of time. Also, it enables us to keep class sizes small by moving people in and out of the program quickly.

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