Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary – A Message from the Founders

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Dear Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design Family,

On June 2, 2009, we began classes at Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design, and this last Sunday marked our 10th anniversary as a higher education institution.

We began classes with 3 students starting in cosmetology and a handful of transfer students who decided to quit their curriculum elsewhere because they believed in our idea. Our idea was simple: Improve the state of cosmetology education. Our family owed everything to cosmetology. Everyone in our family had worked in the cosmetology industry, and it had provided us with all the opportunities we were presented in life after the opening of Georges Hair Designs in 1980.

We held a high standard for the industry because of what it had meant to us, and we thought cosmetology education should meet that same high standard. We wanted to share our passion for the benefits of the industry with students who sought to take the career as seriously as it deserves.

We had no idea how far this idea would take us or how many others believed in that ideal. Shortly after we began classes, we enrolled a class of approximately 10 in September of that year, and the belief in our mission has never subsided, even with our expansion into esthetics in 2014.

Over the years, our students have taken that ideal and made it their own. They believed in a better cosmetology and esthetics industry, and they went out and made it better. They became owners, managers, educators, mentors to others, professionals that touch the lives of their clients, and more. They made us proud and achieved all the job placement rates and other outcome rates we brag about.

The students and graduates aren’t the only ones who believed in the idea. Over the years, we’ve seen our instructors and staff make sacrifices and take on the tough challenge of being an educator because they believe in the ideal of delivering quality education in an industry they’re passionate about to those that seek it.

Our community members including our student salon & spa guests and friends and family that support us from afar believe in the ideal and support our mission to take it on. They have offered the financial support and emotional support to keep the idea in motion. Through every visit, our salon & spa guests financially and practically support the education of our students.

Our stylists and staff at Georges Hair Designs, both graduates and non-graduates, believe in the mission and constantly offer support for our mission as our attention has shifted to achieving that mission at Alexander Paul Institute.

While we have faced plenty of adversity in achieving the ideal, most of which will never be seen in public view, we pledge to continue our goal to elevate education in beauty into our 2nd decade as an institution and 5th decade as a salon organization for the students who want and deserve a better education in our field.

Thank you to all that made it possible.


Founders Alex Naoum, George Naoum, and Paul Naoum

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