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Greenville, NC – In admissions, one of the most popular questions we receive is whether or not we offer night classes.

If you are asking this question, chances are, you are finding that many schools have reached the same conclusions as ours. We feel your pain! With this post, we want to answer “why cosmetology schools don’t offer night classes?”

Although we would love to be able to offer them, here is why our school and many other schools don’t offer night classes:

  1. The schedule is a great idea but undesirable to students in reality – While students like the idea of night classes in theory, here are the realities of the schedule. If you had a night program each weeknight from 6-9, you would gain 15 hours per week. It would take approximately 25 months or over 2 years of attending class every weeknight to complete the required 1500 hours for cosmetology. Alternatively, you could do 4 weeknights and a full day on Saturday. This 19.5 hours per week would complete the program in approximately 19 months, but you would have to attend 4 weeknights and Saturdays for all 19 months. In either of these schedules, we find most applicants we speak with aren’t able to give up their weeknights or 4 nights a week and Saturday for up to 25 months.
  2. There aren’t enough potential students to populate a night program – Because of the schedule above, the amount of students that would actually enroll would not be enough to populate a program. In fact, we tried to start a night program years ago, and we didn’t have a single student submit an application or enroll.
  3. Finding qualified instructors is difficult – We have high standards when it comes to our instructors, and we don’t have qualified instructors that would be willing to work the above schedule. So, education would suffer, and we wouldn’t be able to guarantee quality in the way that makes our education great.

So instead of offering a night program, we offer a day program that completes in 11 months for Cosmetology. This way, if being in school represents a hardship, students are only enrolled for a short period of time, so they can limit the time of this hardship. Also, it enables us to keep class sizes small by moving people in and out of the program quickly rather than having a lot of more part-time students enrolled for longer periods.

If you wanted a night schedule, there is still hope! You have the option of looking into financial aid (for those who qualify). In many cases, it can be used to help pay for your living expenses while in school as well as school tuition and fees. Alternatively, although you may not be able to enroll today, you can start planning, finding evening work, and saving for in-school living expenses. School is never not going to be a burden, although it is more or less of a burden to different individuals. You will not be able to work during school hours in any circumstance, but you can plan and make moves to be able to handle the burden for only 11 months.


Although we don’t have plans to offer a night program, feel free to comment on this or email us with any schedule ideas or fill out a comment form. We often only hear from enrolled students, so your feedback can be helpful in realizing other schedule opportunities.

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