Student Loan Cancellation Information and Payment Pause Extension

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Greenville, NC – Many of our former cosmetology and esthetics students have contacted our Financial Aid Office regarding student loan relief, referred to by many as student loan cancellation or student loan forgiveness.

Information about this has not been released in full yet. Student Loan Borrowers can expect information to trickle in over the coming months. We wanted to provide info on how to keep track of information as it comes out.

To summarize the most important points from last week’s announcement for our former students:

  • One-time loan cancellation will be available for those who qualify for up to $20,000
  • There will be an application for student loan cancellation that will be released later
  • There will be newly structured re-payment plans for student loans
  • The student loan payment pause has been extended one last time until 12/31/2022

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