Why Waiting Can Be Bad: Top Reasons to Start in May

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Here at Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design, we know that deciding HOW and WHEN to begin your cosmetology career can be scary, even daunting at times.  However, we strive to support our students to the best of our ability. Therefore, over the years, through continuous feedback from our students and graduates, we have found MANY perks to beginning your cosmetology journey in May.

Our hope, is that the list we have compiled below of the TOP 8 Reasons to start your cosmetology education in May, will help you make the best decision for you in taking those next steps of following your dreams!

  1. Smaller Class = More Hands-On Learning
    Our May class is typically smaller allowing instructors to give more one-on-one individualized instruction to each student.
  1. Avoid July 1st Tuition Increases
    Colleges typically raise tuition and student kit fees each year because of rising costs. Starting in May locks your tuition and kit fees in at the price for the previous academic year.
  1. Enjoy a Mon – Fri Schedule In the Summer
    Starting in May allows you to attend Mon – Fri in the summer while you’re in Phase 1 so you can enjoy your summer weekends.
  1. Start Making Money Earlier, Avoid Lost Income
    Starting 3 months earlier means you’re able to graduate & start working 3 months earlier. 3 months of lost income can be thousands of dollars.
  1. Start with Students Switching Majors/Careers Like You
    May classes typically have more students switching majors or starting a 2nd career, while fall classes typically have more recent high school grads. You may like being in a class with others who have more real world or other college experience like you.
  1. Avoid Slow Summer Student Salon = More Skills Development
    May students are in the classroom during the summer while it’s slow. You finish Phase 1 right before ECU is back in session and are in the busy student salon during peak season for the rest of your enrollment. You avoid the slow summer months and have the opportunity to get more practice & skills.
  1. Have a Baller Summer Next Year
    By starting in May, you can have a career by next summer rather than students starting in August who finish their schooling in the slow summer months. With a career, income, and employment, you can make the best of next summer.
  1. S**t Happens
    We always say: if you’ve already decided to do this, just go ahead while you can. Why wait? Unexpected situations come up as a surprise and can get in the way of your future start if it’s months out. We’ve seen this happen. It’s better to have some schooling under your belt and be far along in your journey when these challenges arise.
Whether it’s at the beginning of your education or the end, you’ll be attending school during the summer. These reasons are why you should consider doing it earlier.
BONUS Reason: Less Students in May = More in August
We always encourage students who can to start in May rather than August so that we don’t have to deny people from a full August class. Some students, such as high school seniors, have no choice but to start in August. We also like to avoid having smaller off-peak classes that result in larger peak classes in the Fall.
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