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We are no longer taking esthetics applications at this time.

Questions? Contact Admissions at or 252-830-5536 ext 2.

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We started a new application portal on 7/31/2023. If you applied using the old application, you can use the below button to submit your additional documents.

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How Do I get Enrolled?

What are we looking for in the application process?

Select the "Start Application" button to apply in our application portal!

Once you start, you can visit your application any time at .

Our application portal will guide you through submitting your application and additional documents. Applications are not reviewed until all documents are submitted:

  • Application Form
  • ID or Driver's License
  • Social Security Card
  • Essay
  • Application Fee ($45)
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Transcripts from Cosmetology Programs or Esthetics Programs previously attended (if applicable)

Our application portal will guide you through submitting all of these.

Alexander Paul Institute Admissions uses the application process to evaluate an applicant's passion and dedication to the beauty industry. We want to make sure our students are passionate and have career goals.

Our Admissions Team is available to help guide you, and the vast majority of students who follow the directions and show they will benefit from the program are admitted.

These Directions are only for applicants who submitted an application before 7/31/2023. New applicants will have directions in the new application portal. What Do I Need to Apply?

What Do I Need to Apply?

OLD APPLICATION ONLY: After completing your online application form, submit the following items according to the directions below:

Please take a clear picture of your government Issued Photo ID to be uploaded. Take a picture that shows the entire front of your ID against a neutral background such as a white piece of paper. Your ID must show your birth date and be current at the time of submission. Please upload using our secure upload file box.
Students Who Previously Withdrew, Cancelled Enrollment, or Failed to Complete Enrollment Process

Please submit a statement for review by the school to that includes at least the following:

  1. Confirm your intent to re-enroll or otherwise reactivate your application
  2. Identify/Explain the circumstance(s) that led to your previous withdrawal, cancellation, etc.
  3. Explain what has changed that will allow you to complete the program, successfully enroll, complete enrollment, etc.