Purchasing Student Kit Items

Students have the option to purchase their student kit in whole or in part from the school or purchase the kit in whole or in part independently. Any independently purchased student kit items must meet the criteria outlined below to be acceptable for use at Alexander Paul Institute.

Returns of Student Kit Items

Student kit items provided by the school are non returnable once they are opened from original packaging (except as noted in the list below). Once items are opened and unpacked, we are unable to issue those items to another student if returned. We must provide all students who purchase new student kit items with new and unused items to ensure equity to all students. All items that are unopened and undamaged are returnable.

Student Pricing & Student Purchasing Accounts

Some beauty suppliers require proof that you are a student to sign up for an account to purchase or receive student pricing for items.

You may use your acceptance letter as documentation. If you need additional documentation, please email info@alexanderpaul.edu with information on what type of documentation you need, and we will provide it.

The school does not guarantee that any supplier will allow accepted students to purchase. There are public purchase options available for all items.

Financial Aid Availability

Alexander Paul Institute does not restrict the availability of Title IV federal student aid funds so the student can exercise the option to purchase the materials in a timely manner from another source.

If you wish to use financial aid funds to independently purchase student kit items, please make a request for these fund to the school's Financial Aid Director.

In order to issue funds, a student must complete the financial aid process through entrance counseling and completion of the MPN. The student must also must have eligibility for and have accepted a Financial Aid offer that would result in a Title IV Credit Balance.

Places to Purchase - Beauty Supply Vendors

Many items can be found online or in store from the following vendors:

  • Amazon.com
  • Sally Beauty Supply
  • Marlo Beauty Supply
  • Cosmoprof Beauty
  • Saloncentric

Students may also purchase from other beauty supply companies. Unless otherwise noted, students can purchase from supply vendors online or in store like the ones mentioned above.

List of Items

The list below details the items in the student kit with notes on acceptable alternatives and places to purchase. Students are not limited to the alternative vendor listed as long as the purchased item meets the guidelines.

  • Laptop Computer - Must be a laptop (not a tablet) with Windows, MacOS, or Chrome OS1. Laptop must be current and capable of accessing the school's digital curriculum. The school supplies either a Windows laptop or Chromebook in the student kit.
  • Pivot Point Fundamentals Cosmetology Digital Education Package with Printed Coursebook Set + LAB Student Seat ISBN: 978-1-948482-65-3 Retail Price: $307 Language: English Bundle Includes:
    • Printed Fundamentals: Cosmetology Coursebook Retail Price: $257
    • Fundamentals: Cosmetology LAB Student Seat Retail Price: $50

    ** These can be purchased as a bundle or separately as listed above. Students can purchase from https://www.pivotpointshop.com/ To order the specific bundle listed above and purchase the student seat, contact Pivot Point Shop at (847) 866-0500

  • 4 Standard Mannequins - We use Marianna Ms. Suzie-Kin and Ms. Jenny. Mannequins must have human hair with 18-20 inch length.
  • Multi-Colored Mannequin - We use Marianna Ms. Nicole, which have 4 quadrants, blonde, light brown, dark brown, and gray. Purchased mannequins must have at least blonde, light brown, and dark brown human hair. You may also substitute by purchasing separate light brown, dark brown, and blonde human hair mannequins. Suppliers: Beauty suppliers like the ones mentioned above or pivotpointshop.com
  • Textured Mannequin - We use Marianna Ms. Michelle. Mannequins must be human hair, 18-20 inch hair length, and afro stlye.
  • Marianna Mannequin Clamp with Extenders - Mannequin clamps must be able to clamp on to a horizontal surface like a counter or table. Clamps with height adjustment or extenders are preferred.
  • Babyliss Nano Titanium Dryer - Substitute hair dryers must be professional use. 1800-2000 watt dryers recommended.
  • Diffuser - Students must have a diffuser that fits their dryer. These can come from the same manufacturer or a universal diffuser dryer attachment can be purchased.
  • Comb dryer attachment - Students must have a comb attachment that fits their dryer. These can come from the same manufacturer or a universal comb dryer attachment can be purchased.
  • Babyliss Nano Titanium U-Styler Flat Iron - We use a 1 inch flat iron. Substitute irons must be .75 inch to 1.25 inch professional use flat irons. Titanium preferred over ceramic.
  • Babyliss Nano Titanium Straightening Iron Mini - We use a 1/2 inch mini flat iron. Substitute irons must be .5 inch professional use flat irons. Titanium preferred over ceramic.
  • Wahl Super Taper II Clipper with Guards - Substitutes must be professional use (not home use) with a guard set from the manufacturer or universal guards that fit the clipper.
  • Wahl Clipper Comb - Any clipper comb can serve as a substitute.
  • Wahl Detailer Trimmer - Substitute trimmers must be professional use (not home use).
  • Hot Tools Marcel Curling Iron - We use a 1 inch with gold plated barrel. Substitutes must be .75 to 1.25 inch and marcel curling irons rather than spring irons.
  • Magnetic Roller Set - Our set has 12 dozen assorted rollers. Any full assorted roller set pack can substitute.
  • Hattori Hanzo Shear and Razor Set - Our set comes with a 5.5 inch Hattori Hanzo cutting shear, shear case, texturizing shears, razor, and 10 replacement blades. Substitutes must be professional cutting shears with a blade from 5.25-5.75 inches, texturizing shear, razor, and 5-10 replacement blades. We recommend purchasing shears or shear sets with a retail value of over $100.
  • Cosmetic Brush Set - Any set of assorted  make-up brushes with hard plastic sanitizeable handles
  • Marianna Vent Brush - Any vent brush can substitute.
  • Marianna Teasing Brush - Any teasing brush can substitute.
  • Denman D4 Styling Brush - A D4 Denman Styling Brush can substitute. Denman brand recommended.
  • Marianna Large Boar Brush - Any large round boar brush can substitute.
  • Marianna Small Round Brush - Any small round brush can substitute.
  • Marianna Medium Round Brush - Any medium round brush can substitute.
  • Marianna Large Round Brush - Any large round brush can substitute.
  • Marianna Paddle Brush - Any paddle brush can substitute.
  • Wet Brush Original - We use the student edition, but the wet brush original can substitute. Must be Wet Brush brand.
  • Colouration Steel-Tip Tint Brush - Any steel-tip tint comb can substitute.
  • 2 Large Tint Brushes - 2 of any large tint brushes can substitute.
  • Manicure Kit including Tweezer - Any professional manicure kit or set can substitute. Tweezer can be purchased with the kit or separately.
  • Marianna Manicure Brush - Any manicure brush can substitute.
  • Top Coat - Any nail top coat can substitute.
  • Base Coat - Any nail base coat can substitute.
  • Red Nail Polish - Any pure red nail polish can substitute.
  • Marianna Practice Hand - Any practice manicure hand can substitute.
  • Marianna Manicure Bowl - Any manicure bowl can substitute.
  • Crystal Nail File - Any crystal nail file or sanitizeable non-porous nail file can substitute.
  • Nail Sculpt Brush - Any acrylic nail sculpt brush can substitute.
  • Glass Dappen Dish - Any glass dappen dish can substitute.
  • 2 Fan Brushes - Any 2 fan brushes for facials can substitute.
  • Make-up Palette - Any small sanitizeable makeup palette can substitute.
  • Marianna Body Fluff Comb - Any fluff or wide tooth large comb can substitute.
  • Level Comb - A level comb is a comb with a leveler similar to a construction level tool. To substitute, you can purchase a level comb or a level tool roughly the length of a comb from Lowe's, Home Depot, or another home supply vendor.
  • Bag of 6 Styling Combs - Any 6 standard styling combs can substitute. Brushes with inch marks on them are recommended.
  • Carbon Comb - Any carbon comb can substitute.
  • Marianna Mirror - Any handheld mirror can substitute.
  • Color Principle Wheel - Any color principle wheel that shows color wheel principles relating to hair color can substitute. Here is a link of an example: https://www.amazon.com/Hair-Art-Education-Handling-Mixing/dp/B002RTTYVS or similar. Alternatively, students can print a hair color principle wheel for hair color education from an online source.
  • 3 Marianna Styling Combs - Any 3 additional styling combs of slightly higher quality or heat resistance than standard combs can substitute.
  • Marianna 10 Pc Professional Comb Kit - Can be purchased in a comb kit or separately. 8-10 Assorted combs of different types other than standard styling combs such as detangling, steel-tip, tapered, teasing, rat tail, pin tail, etc.
  • Spray Bottle - Any spray bottle can substitute. Spray bottles should be intended for beauty services and not cleaning.
  • Extra Spray Bottle - Any spray bottle can substitute.
  • Color Applicator Bottle - Any color applicator bottle can substitute.
  • Digital Timer - Any timer can substitute.
  • Tint Bowl - Any tint bowl can substitute.
  • Box of Single Pronged Clips - Any box of single pronged clips can substitute. Must have 50 clips.
  • Box of All Purpose Clips - Any box of all purpose clips can substitute. Must have 50 clips.
  • Duck Bill Clips - Any duck bill clips can substitute. Must have 12 clips.
  • Butterfly Clips - Any butterfly clips can substitute. Must have 12 clips.
  • Gator Clips - Any gator or croc clips can substitute. Must have 4 clips.
  • 2 Packs of Perm Rods - Any 2 packs of jumbo perm rods can substitute.
  • Barbicide Wipes - A container of Barbicide wipes. Barbicide brand recommended. Any other brand must have the same sanitation approvals and ratings.
  • Hand Sanitizer Bottle - Any bottle of hand sanitizer can substitute. Pump and at least 8oz size recommended
  • First Aid Kit - A first aid kit with a box or pouch containing at least 15 standard sized band-aids and 12 antibiotic ointment packets.
  • Alexander Paul Institute Apron - Any plain black apron with no design or printing can substitute.
  • 3 Alexander Paul Institute Shirts - Shirts must be jet black short sleeve or long sleeve crew neck shirts and display the Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design logo center front 11 inches wide with absolutely no logo or branding distortion. Logo must have white lettering and red center line. You can request logo imagery from the school by emailing admissions@alexanderpaul.edu. Women's shirts should be ladies cut similar to Port & Company Ladies Core Cotton Tee LPC54. Men's shirts should be similar to Port & Company Core Cotton Shirt PC54. These can be purchased from Instant Imprints of Greenville or an online vendor such as customink.com
  • Alexander Paul Institute Cutting Cape - Any all black cutting cape with no design or printing can substitute.
  • Alexander Paul Institute Chemical Cape - Any all black chemical cape with no design or printing can substitute.
  • Mannequin Cape - Any all  black small cape with no design or printing can substitute.
  • Alexander Paul Institute Rolling Bag - Any mobile bag, suitcase or container that can hold the entire kit (or large majority of the kit) can substitute.
  • Paper Nametag - Nametag must have clear nametag sleeve. Nametag sleeves can be purchased from an office supply store like Staples, Office Depot, or amazon.com. Nametags can be printed at home or at FedEx Office or another print center. Nametags must be 2.25 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide. Logo should be printed 2.75 inches wide with black letters and a red line with no logo distortion centered and .3 inches from the top of the nametag to the top of the logo. 1.15 inches from the top of the nametag to the top of the text and centered, the student name should be written in the format Firstname LI. in Arial 22 pt font. For example, "Jane D." 1.65 inches from the top of the nametag to the top of the text, "Beginner Dept." should be centered and written in Arial 14 pt font. All measurements are approximate and nametags will be rejected only for gross noncompliance with the measurements. You can request logo imagery from the school by emailing admissions@alexanderpaul.edu.
  • Metal Nametag - Metal nametags must be 1 inch tall by 3 inch wide with rounded corners, magnetic backing, and brushed metal or brushed alimunum style. Logo must be displayed at the top, followed below by name listed in the format Firstname LI. (Ex. "Jane D.") in Arial font, followed below by "Advanced Dept." in Arial font at no more than half the font size of the name. The metal nametag can be obtained from a custom nametag printer such as namebadge.com. You can request logo imagery from the school by emailing admissions@alexanderpaul.edu. Logo should be approximately 1.5 inches wide with black lettering, no distortion, and red line.
  • Alexander Paul Institute Decal - Logo decal should be 12 inches wide with no logo distortion, white lettering, and red line. You can request logo imagery from the school by emailing admissions@alexanderpaul.edu. You can purchase this from a printer like Signsmith of Greenville or any other printer that makes decals.
  • Business Card Holder - Any black mesh business card holder with no additional designs can substitute.
  • Alexander Paul Institute Binder - Any binder, folder, or notebook to hold materials can substitute.
  • Course Catalog - Provided free of charge.
  • Uniform Guidelines - Provided free of charge.
  • An Act to Regulate Cosmetic Art - Provided free of charge.
  • NC Board Rules - Provided free of charge.
  • NC Board Sanitation Rules - Provided free of charge.
  • Counseling and Community Resources Sheet - Provided free of charge.
  • Portfolio Criteria - Provided free of charge.
  • Beginner Dept. Service - Sheet Provided free of charge.
  • Voter Registration - Form Provided free of charge.
  • List of Items in Student Kit - Provided free of charge.
  • Orientation Checklist - Provided free of charge.

Please note that kit items may be substituted by the school in accordance with the guidelines above due to availability changes and price changes.