The Elite Educator Apprenticeship at Alexander Paul Institute allows professionals to explore whether they want to pursue careers as Cosmetology Educators or Substitute Instructors.

It prepares professionals to become full- or part-time Educators or Substitute Instructors.

The apprenticeship is designed for both graduating students and licensed professionals. It proceeds as follows:

  1. Continuing Education Classes - For 6 Months After Graduation from a Cosmetology Program, accepted Elite Educator Apprentices stay involved with the school by attending Continuing Education  and in-house training classes offered by our school alongside our regular instructors.
  2. Paid Substitute Shadowing & Training - Licensed professionals usually start at this step. Once an Elite Educator Apprentice has been out of school for 6 months (or if they are already a licensed professional with experience), the Elite Educator Apprentice engages in a paid individualized shadowing program with an Educator Mentor to learn how to be a substitute instructor.
  3. Licensing Plan & Substitute Instruction - Once step 2 is complete, the Elite Educator Apprentice works on a Licensing Plan with their assigned Educator Mentor. While working to gain their instructor license, the Elite Educator Apprentice works as a Substitute Instructor at Alexander Paul Institute, gaining guided experience.
  4. Become a Licensed Instructor - Upon successful completion of the Licensing Plan, the Elite Educator Apprentice should gain full licensure and gain a permanent position as an instructor at Alexander Paul Institute.


  • Receive the Elite Educator Apprentice title to add to your resume, business cards, and profile
  • Gain experience to apply to salons and brand educator positions in the future
  • Receive Paid Training
  • Gain skills for a future career as an educator
  • Explore whether a career in education is right for you

Am I Committed to Becoming an Educator?

NO. Part of the apprenticeship is for apprentices to test their skills when shadow. Many people love it, others find out they do not have passion for it. That is why shadowing comes before licensure.

The apprenticeship is meant for people to figure out whether they want to move forward with a career in education. Some apprentices remain on as substitutes, but do not move forward with a permanent position. Each apprentices path is individualized.


Who Can Apply to be an Elite Educator Apprentice?

To apply, you must:

  • Be an Alexander Paul Institute student with at least 750 hours
  • Be an Alexander Paul Institute graduate
  • Be a licensed Cosmetology Program graduate from any school.

How to Apply

Send the following to

  • Resume
  • Video or Written Answers to the following questions
    • Why are you interested in becoming an educator?
    • What value can you offer as an educator to Alexander Paul Institute and your future students?


For questions about the Elite Educator Apprenticeship, contact Alex Naoum